Ooku: The Inner Chambers (2023) Netflix Anime Series Season 01 All Episodes In Multi Audio & Multi Subs | 1080p NF WEB-DL || Google Drive



Synopsis : Edo-period Japan stands strong and proud, decades after its imminent doom was prophesied. The new shogun, Yoshimune “Nobu” Tokugawa, encounters an array of traditions that, to her modern judgment, make little sense. Although an epidemic rages among men exclusively, the men make up only one-fourth of the population. Still, three thousand young, agile, and beautiful men serve in the Oooku—the shogun’s Inner Chambers.

To unearth the origins of the existing hierarchy where women head their families and govern the nation, Nobu reviews the chronicles of the odd disease. Customs and traditions have changed to accommodate for the plague; these new laws dictate the current culture and reflect the cruel story of the first female shogun, Iemitsu Tokugawa. Most notably, these customs seem to lead back to the moment a young monk, Arikoto Madenokoji, must abandon his way of life and devote his remaining days to the shogun and her Oooku.

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