Royal Space Force – The Wings of Honneamise (1987) Anime Movie In Dual Audio [English + Japanese] ESubs | 720p BluRay, 1080p BDRip x264, 1080p BDRip Hi10p x264, 1080p Blu-Ray 10bit, 2160p 4K HDR Blu-Ray Remux, BD Remux || Google Drive



Synopsis : Shiro (Mitsuki Yayoi) fails to become a navy pilot for the mythical kingdom of Honneamise but is accepted into the Royal Space Force. To keep their funding from being cut off, the agency must make Shiro the first man in space. Shiro befriends Riquinni (Masahiro Anzai), a religious fundamentalist opposed to the program. When he discovers the military hopes to use the rocket launch as an aggressive gesture to declare war on Honneamise’s neighbors, he questions his assignment.

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